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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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suspect acted alone. >> this investigation is ongoing. it is multifaceted, and it is aggressive. as we move forward we will focus on not just holding those responsible for it accountable but also obtaining any intelligence about terrorist organizations overseas. >> meanwhile authorities are still searching the suspect's home in bridgeport, connecticut, which is in foreclosure. peter alexander on the ground at the scene. peter, what+4!f is the reaction the people in the area. >> reporter: tamron, good to see you. the home is eight or nine homes down. it's a rough neighborhood. very few we've spoken to know who faisal shahzad was. as for the foreclosure we've noted on msnbc, important to note a clarification. the home in foreclosure is the home he had been living in with his family before this home, a
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home in shelton 20 minutes away from here. he according to "associated press," faisal shahzad defaulted on a $200,000 loan. as for information about this man, we're starting to put pieces together and learn more about him as an individual. he is a 30-year-old, american naturalized citizen, who, as you note, was born in pakistan. has he a wife and two young children according to a neighbor at that other home where he formerly lived. she said in the neighborhood he often wore block. he wasn't around very often. he came out at night to go on jogs, she found odd. she described him as being strange. strange. as for the process/n they are telling msnbc news, the search has been very, very fruitful, producing items they say ling this man, faisal shahzad, and this home to the 1993 pathfinder found in times square saturday evening. inside they found gas canisters.
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they found propane tanks. they found fireworks. they found clocks. one other piece of information they found was a key inside the ignition. on that key ring was a key to another vehicle that belonged to shahzad. sources of telling wnbc, our affiliate in new york today, our fellow reporter jonathan @diens, inside that vehicle parked in a b lot at jfk airport where he was picked up, where this man was picked up yesterday, they found a 9 millimeter pistol. that's the latest on the investigation of the president expected to make his remarks very soon. tamron. >> more on faisal shahzad. the 30-year-old suspect peter was describing as mentioned was born in pakistan. he became a naturalized u.s. citizen just last year. officials say he recently returned from a five-month long trip to pakistan. nbc news senior investigative producer bob winthrop joins me in the studio with more. bob, how this unfolded last night. incredible, dramatic form.
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this airline started to taxi off and was turned around, three people including faisal were taken off that plane. >> correct. this is something that obviously is a nightmare for u.s. physicians. somebody gets on a plane, headed overseas. once they are in the air it back, obviously. we do not know details about who else was taken off the plane. i've heard it may have been people who had similar names. we don't know, in fact, if anybody has been charged. there's no indication somebody has been charged. he claims he acted alone. he claims he didn't have any confederate ras in pakistan. u know what level of help he had overseas. >> part of what led authorities to him, buying this vehicle on craigslist. they traced it back to him on the phone.
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>>. >> they traced it back by e-mail. he used an address easily traced. this is one of a number of mistakes he has made, starting with failing to open the valves on the propane tank, the wrong fertilizer, not fully scratching off the vin number on the car, all of which led to him being traced back, and all of which gives u.s. officials some indication that if he had been 5&no pakistan, it would have been one of the worst training sessions ever. >> going back to the fact he was on this plane trying to leave, how difficult would that have made it if he had actually taken off and gotten into dubai and qpakistan?into w >> certainly it would have been difficult if he got to dubai, then you get into legal issues much more fraught with international law. there are extradition treaties. what are processes for
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extradition in those countries. you know, you can do an extraordinary rendition but those are politically weighted now. a number of things that would have made that much more difficult. >> they have him in custody. the president speaking now, let's listen in. >> before i begin, i hope you that i want to give the+0' amern people a brief update on the investigation into the attempted terror attack in times square. a suspect is now in custody and being questioned. the american people can be assured the fbi and their partners in this process have all the tools and experience they need to learn everything we can, and that includes what, if any, connection this individual has to terrorist grouvzt it includes collecting critical intelligence as we work to disrupt any future attacks. justice will be done, and we will continue to do everything in our power to protect the
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american people. attorney general eric holder and other members of my national security team are going to be providing more details, but let me say this. this incident is another sobering reminder of the times in which we live. around the world and at home, there are those that would slaughter innocent men, women, and children in pursuit of their murderous agenda. they will stop at nothing to kill and disrupt our way of life. once again, an attempted attack has failed. it has failed because ordinary citizens were vigilant and reported suspicious activity to authorities. it failed because these authorities, local, state and federal acted quickly and did what they are trained to do. i've had the opportunity to personally thank citizens and law enforcement officers whose quick thinking may have saved apprehended because of close and effective coordination at every level including joint terrorism task force and u.s. customs and border protection.
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finallym,@ new yorkers have reminded us once again of how to live with their heads held high. we know the game of those who try to carry out these attacks to force us to live in fear and there by amplifying the effects of their attacks, even those that fail. but as americans and as a nation, we will not be terrorized. we will not cower in fear. we will not be intimidated. we will be vigilant. we will work together and protect and defend the country to ensure a safe and prosperous future. that's what i will do as a president and that's what we will do as a nation. of course, expanding prosperity is what you work for at the business council, so i'm pleased to have this opportunity to meet it has been a little more than a year since i last spoke to the members of this organization. over the past year i've appreciated the advice offered by the leaders in this room as
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we've grappled with a set of economic challenges. i'm here today to reiterate the importance of this partnership and the importance -- >> president obama giving his remarks to the business council but before giving his prepared remarks to the business council, the president updating the american public on the arrest of a suspect in the times square bombing, a car bombing incident. the president saying we will not be terrorized. we will not cower in fear. so we will bring you much more, of course, on the suspect and more on the investigation. we also want to get you updated on the other big story, a race against time in the gulf of mexico. the massive oil slick from last month's rig explosion continues to creep its way toward the coastline. mother nature is cooperating with changing winds keeping the bulk of the slick offshore for now. scientists say winds and high oil. a newtdgñ trajectory map shows slick appearing to shrink but
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oil continues to gush from the leaking well itself. the four-story containers will be lowered into leaking pipes to siphon away the leaking oil. joining us from biloxi, mississippi, barrierp>b-÷ islan which would be the first to hit if the oil comes to shore. some good news if you think about the weather in the last few days. what can you tell us you see on the ground there. >> reporter: hi, tamron, how are you? weather has given a break to those out there laying booms to protect the shoreline as it approaches the coast. that's only a reprieve. if the winds shift, and they will, now predicted to shift from a southerly direction in the next few days, that would then drive that slick back towards shore. yesterday we went out to one of the barrier islands with an excursion company that's been taking trips for 84 years and they were shutting down
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operations certain they would be told any day, any hour by the parks department that they, like the fishing fleets, would have to go out of business and no longer work the gulf. while we were out on ship island we saw four dead birds, one live bird, an oil covered bird with a four to five foot wing span that was sick and brought to shore. they are concerned it's reaching the island or the impact of the oil is reaching the islands. the winds should shift in the next 48 hours. if and when it does, it's inevitable it will at some point, that slick which only hj to be shrinking will be moving faster toward the gulf. getting ready at a quicker pace. the first of the four-story, steel containment vessels will be dropped on the leak itself a mile under the sea, under the surface of the sea, over the area where the leaks will be, three or four specific leaks,
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deep water horizon that has been leaking since the 20th. if the containment vessels work, chemical containment, maybe we won't see the worst of what had been predicted at this point. right now it's a big if question. meantime wildlife dead, 34 sea turtles have been shown to died in this recent period. although they haven't made a direct connection to the oil, it's still going on to see if it's not the oil it might be the chemical dispersants responsible for the deaths, wildlife deaths. watching and waiting. tamron. >> mike, talking earlier about this map, trajectory map that appears the slick is shrinking. some of the rain perhaps we saw the past few days broke up this mass of oil. while we won't see this huge coast, it's breaking apart. is that good news? does that help at all in. >> reporter: it's not
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necessarily good news. breaking it up or dispersing it, the action of the sea, when the winds were really up. it's just turning into what somebody called a moose or gravy below the sea. that's still ingested by sea life, which is ingested by other life, which could be affecting sea turtles, water fowl, et cetera, et cetera. while it looks smaller, still 2,000 square miles. a lot may be below the surface and not visible to photography. thank you for that update. coming up more on the gulf of mexico. we'll also hear more about the fishermen and people who make their living in these waters, what they are saying. >> reporter: i'm norah o'donnell here at uva where a 22-year-old lacrosse player has been accused of first degree murder. we've now heard from his lawyer
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welcome back. in nashville schools are closed and power is out in nearly all of downtown. residents and tourists coping with total devastation from a massive flood triggered by strong storms across the south. the death toll has risen to 19 people in tennessee. ten others were killed in mississippi and kentucky. msnbc has learned a homeless tent city in nashville was >nó out by the swollen kummer land river. police say they evacuated some people but fear not everyone was rescued. a lawyer for lacrosse
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he was charged with the murder of yeardley love. both students were weeks away from graduation. an autopsy scheduled this morning. nbc's norah o'donnell livepgf9áy charlottesville. norah, what else can you tell us this attorney telling us about this supposed accident? >> reporter: well, this is a very tragic story. two 22-year-old seniors weeks away from graduating. bright futures ahead of them. one is dead and one is behind bars. just in the last hour there has been a bond hearing for george huguely, who was accused of first degree murder. his attorney stepped out and said it was all an accident.( >> until more information becomes available, it is our hope that no conclusions will be drawn or judgments made about george or his case. however, we are confident miss love's death was not intended
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but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> reporter: there you hear the beginning of the defense that this was, of course, not intended and an accident. áhóuq here is what the police . the police say that when yeardley love was found, this they turned her over. she was in her bed at 2:15 a.m. in the morning, they found her. there were obvious and serious signs of trauma. they said she wasn't shot and she was not stabbed, raising questions about whether she was beaten to death in the middle of the morning. they quickly were able to place george huguely at the center of the investigation because the two of them had a romantic relationship which police say is very relevant to the investigation. sources tell us it was an on and off relationship between the two lacrosse players. this is something that happened in the middle of the night. police quickly focused on george huguely and arrested him hours after police found yeardley
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love's body. tamron, you can imagine, this community is reeling. they are devastated by this news. yeardley love was not only smart and beautiful, a great lacrosse player. we spoke with her high school lacrosse coach that said she was a good soulish the laughter in the team. people said she was like an angel. that's the word they used, her friends, she was an angel. one university spokesperson said her teammates are mourning mightily for her loss. obviously her mother is here at uva, has been with police and is >> devastating story for that family. as you mentioned her friends and roommate who was the first person toc+rv discover somethins wrong. all right, norah. thank you very much. we'll continue to follow that. primary day in three bpz states, ohio, north carolina. what results could say about november midterm elections. we'd like to know what you think about any of the stories we're covering today.
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vo: download the glovebox app free at welcome back. msnbc is the place for politics. three balancing ground states, first, ohio, two democrats running for senate. governor lee fisher and state secretary of state jennifer brunner. indiana, democratic senator evan bayh is vacating, twoutx3 challengers, tea party favorite marlin stutzman. in north carolina we're watching democratic senate primary. secretary of state elaine marshall up against former state
11:24 am
senator cal cunningham. he's trailed narrowly behind marshall. the third candidate is attorney ken lewis who could be a spoiler here. if no one gets 40% of the vote, the top two fight it out, if you will, in a june 22nd runoff. in the boston area today, the water is now safe enough to drink for 2 million residents. people have been ordered to boil water after a major water main break saturday. now officials say tests show the water is safe. massachusetts governor deval patrick is promising an investigation and saying those responsible for that water main break will be held accountable. the suspect in attempted bombing in times squarek590k5ñ expected to be arraigned at any time in federal court. a report from pakistan, the country where faisal shahzad came. he just came back after spending five months there. the latest on the connections. the producer who admitted to black mailing david letterman is
11:25 am
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a suspect is now in custody and being questioned. the american people can be assured the fbi and their partners in this process have all the tools and experience ?r learn everyte can. that includes what, if any, connection this individual has to terrorist groups. >> that was president obama speaking in the past hour about suspect in saturday's times square bomb scare. the suspect is 30-year-old faisal shahzad and he's expected to be arraigned in federal court in new york. i also got word attorney general eric holder will hold a news conference 1:00 p.m. eastern time today. as far as the arrest, the suspect was arrested just before midnight last night at new york's kennedy airport. he had already boarded a flight
11:29 am
bound for dubai. we're told his final destination was pakistan. that is where he was born and where he has family. he became a naturalized u.s. citizen last year. his arrest came after authorities determined he bought that 1993 nissan(i?i÷z pathfind rigged with a crude bomb left in times square saturday night. let's bring in nbc news terrorism analyst evan kohlmann stories. what do you make here? first of all, the dramatic fashion of the arrest. this plane had taxied. it was about to take off and was stopped and turned around. >> we don't want to begrudge the fbi or nypd, but it is a little disturbing that$"os this guy wa able to get passed the passport check, the plane was taxiing. it wasn't until they discovered his vehicle in the parking lot when the fbi said, hey, what's going on here, where is this guy? it's disturbing he was able to get that far.
11:30 am
it's good we got him. now we have to figure with whether he was working with anyone else or he's being honest when he says it's a lone wolf operation. >> what do you make of becoming a citizen last year. apparently some financial problems. one of the homes he lived in had gone intç+r$ foreclosure. even his young age, age 30. >> young guy. his wife lived here but apparently spoke very little english. two little kids. very strange. i think it's a reminder, look at the attack, pakistani taliban attack on the cia base in southeastern afghanistan in december. the identity of the person who carried that out was a 31-year-old guy from jordan with two kids and a wife. the exact same profile as this guy. i think the answer is sometimes when we look at today's terrorists, they are not exactly the foaming at the amount o. >> this z
11:31 am
>> doesn't exist mim. >> hang on a second. i want to bring in carol grisanti, an nbc producer in pakistan. what have you learned about the suspect? >> reporter: the information out of pakistan is quite sketchy and changing all the time. pakistani police told media earlier that faisal shahzad was from the southern port city karachi, that's where he lived. it's a rather middle class neighborhood. we were told he left the u.s. and flew to karachi in july last year on emirates airlines and stayed about one month here and last year. >> we understand that he drove to peshawar with friends i believe july 3rd, v
11:32 am
peshawar. he went there with a friend. the friend is mohammed ra han. they went by car, which would be more than a 24 hour-p- road tr. driving by car rather than air or plane would leave no trace of their movements. how long they spent, where they went from there, we don't know. they may have gone into a tribal area to a militant training camp. that's a very real possibility. at this point there's no credible information to go on. carol, thank you very much for that information you were able to get for us. nbc news producer in pakistan. i want to go back to evan. avw;;dae note says senior cons. terrorism officials tell nbc news while checking into possible connections between faisal shahzad and terrorist groups in pakistan they do not have any firm evidence of such ties. >> right.
11:33 am
described is very unusual. you can fly to peshawar. you can fly to peshawar from karachi, islamabad, there's an international airport there. the fact he chose to drive there is unusual. you have to understand, peshawar is not a safe lass. suicide bombs going off every week. they are targeting civilian targets. it's dangerous to go up there if you're not involved or local. for this guy to choose to go to peshawar on a road trip, it's a little unusual. peshawar is the gateway to jihad and afghanistan, the last major city before you cross into the tribal areas and afghanistan. it's been that way for years. so it's -- we'll have to see, but that's an unusual travel pattern. >> bob's notes say officials are not ruling anything out for the very reasons you pointed out that stand out to you. thank you, evan. back to the big story we're following, big oil spill is
11:34 am
turning into a political issue. senate democrats spoke to reporters about the risks of offshore drilling. >> we can see the obvious risk of drilling to our coastline, our environment, our economy when equipment that is supposed to be too safe to fail fails. we've seen the devastation. now we should all know that drilling is not too safe to fail and it has never been. >> only now is the president appearing to be engaged. i think the delay was this. it's pure politics. this president has never supported big oil. he's nevermy supported offshor drilling. now he has an excuse to shut it back down. this is exactly what they want because now he can pander to the environmentalists and say i'm going to shut it down because it's too dangerous. >> joining us from our washington news bureau republican strategist. haven't seen you in a while.
11:35 am
i'll start off with the disaster happening off the gulf coast. is it difficult, in your opinion, for republicans or anyone to start this drill baby drill action. >> i think it's far too premature for anyone to beáa)b jumping to conclusions let alone try to play politics with the situation. we don't know why the explosion happened in the first place. we do know there were regulators on the rig less than two weeks before the explosion. >> we don't know why but we know they can't contain it. bp is trying everything, including this metal box. you're right, we don't know why but we know it's not contained. >> it's a huge problem. before we start making policy for the future we needp,s to kn what went wrong, otherwise we're making decisions without information at you're hands which isn't a good way to make policy. >> the president extended a hand to republican with the idea of offshore drilling in locations. a lot of liberals were upset with him then and, of course, now. >> i actually don't disagree
11:36 am
with alex. you don't want to politicize it is ag;o& terrible situation. i think the president'séñ and t administration's response to date has been appropriate and swift. but when it comes to what we do moving forward, i think the president made the right decision to say, let's hold off on drilling for a little bit. let's really examinejfñ the situation and take a look atrol. the president supports drilling. there are a lot of people out there that support drilling and should hold off for a little bit. >> i want to play two interesting comments. first we'll play what governor arnold schwarzenegger said then jean taylor. >> i see on tv the birds out of work, the massive oil slick destroying our precious
11:37 am
ecosystem. that will not happen here in california. >> what i want people to know, this isn't katrina. j not armageddon. the farther you get from the spill, the chocolate milk-looking spill starts breaking up into smaller pieces. the good news after this many days not in the coastal markets. naturally. >> you've got one republican, the governor, saying this is not going to happen in florida. another republican comparing it to chocolate milk. >> looks the reality is america needs energy. america needs oil. a really good way to get it historically has been through drilling. we need more drilling. we need to take this tragedy in the gulf and learn from it, learn what went wrong here and apply it to the future to be safer. that's what we do when we have nuclear accidents, when we have coal and oil accidents. the answer is not to say no more oil, we'll just import more. that's not a realistic solution. >> i want your response, then i
11:38 am
want to bring up something rachel maddow said, why should you have a right to drill when you don't have a plan to clean up your mess if it's to happen. >> i'm glad bp's feet are being held to the fire and they are going to be held accountable for paying for a lot of this. i think that's important. from a policy perspective. what this underscores more than anything, we need to move away from dependence on oil generally. not foreign oil but oil generally. we need comprehensive oil reform that will take a look at how we can pursue alternative sources of energy. until we doáúz, that, we're constantly going to have this dependence on oil. as we've seen, that can have catastrophic results. >> alex, mo, thank you for coming on. we appreciate you. the first for philadelphia phillies and their fans. a police officer tasers a 17-year-old fan running on the field. the stands were packed with
11:39 am
nearly 45,000 spectators who watched as the teenager ran on the field during the inning. the fan ran a few times around the security personnel. police officers pursuing him. the officer fired a few times before hitting the fan who fell to the ground. then he was helped off the field. the teenager will be charged with criminal trespass. officials are investigating to determine if the use of the taser was appropriate. a lot of people do not think it was. the former cbs producer behind the david letterman extortion case will be sentenced in a few hours in new york. let's get more of the scoop frop courtney hazlet. >> we're expecting him to turn himself over. expecting a six-month sentence for that extortion case followed by 1,000 hours of community service. we're getting toward the end of this story. but under the topic of other extortion issues, the actor from
11:40 am
"bones" has come forward admitting he has had an affair, because of another extortion sort of situation saying that his -- he had been contacted by this mistress of his. if he didn't continue to pay her, she was going to go public with it. where there's a married man having an affair, gloria allred is not far behind. she has been taken on for the mistress. at the end of the day, i think it's time to stop using affairs as some sort of cottage industry where you think you can profit from it.=vcx go ahead. >> that's another social issue, moral issue. i want to get to the juicy part of the story, fact or fiction. there are stories that the mistress is tiger woods alleged mistress rachel uchitel. >> there are conflicting reports. she hasn't come forward and said it is me, or it isn't me. a lot of people are speculating
11:41 am
because gloria allred. >> until you hear from the horse's mouth you don't know. >> he has not said it's her. >> he has not said it's her. at the end of the day you see gloria allred and that's what you think of. on a much lighter note, jersey shore, if you can't get enough of them on television, it's going to be a soundtrack. >> the soundtrack of our lives. >> if your life is in the jersey shore. july 20th, universal public records release the soundtrack, songs inspired by the show. >> so they are not singing. >> thank goodness for small favors. they are not singing. the real housewives are new york are trying the singing thing. it's not working out for them. little.]y[@? john enrique will his name on it. >> logon to
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welcome back. the mother of a woman accused of going>n!v:ñ on a stabbing sprees angeles said her daughter lost her#od mind.tetá 34-year-old woman wounded people in a busy target store yesterday afternoon. one of the victims in a critical condition. she had a butcher's knife in one hand and carving knife in the other. an off duty sheriff ended it by drawing his gun and ordering her to drop the knives. she's charged with attempted murder. police charged two 18 years old in the first degree murder in the death of a middle school principal last month. the two teens arrested yesterday. police say they expect to make a third arrest. the suspects were allegedly looking for a robbery target when they met 42-year-old brian betts through apfóá phone sex c line. police say the victim invited at least one of the suspects to his
11:47 am
home on the night he was murdered. now we've got a market alert. the dow is down more than 200 points right now. there are concerns about greece's debt crisis spreading and worries the european bailout for greece won't be enough to stave off bigger european debt problems. you see the dow is down some 200 points. we'll get much more on this breaking news story and why the dow is being affected this way. we always ask youza?3m to twee us. we got one from folks in tennessee. hey, msnbc, tennessee's story three in the top of the hour, thanks. they appreciate the coverage we're giving the story. there's a lot of breaking news, obviously the arrest regarding the times square bombing attempt. you also have the breaking news happening in the gulf coast for greatly appreciate we're covering what is a major story for their state. you can let us know what you think about anything. twitter us at ""@)
11:48 am
up next head out to an oyster boat with msnbc's lester holt and see how the oil spill is affecting that industry. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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they want to be firefighters. they want to be cops. politicians, journalists, athletes. we all wanted to be fishermen. >> and that man was featured onç "nightly news" last night. part of a family who has lived their whole lives of fishermen. he was about to have his own maiden voyage of his ship. lester hold took a ride on an oyster boat in louisiana and found many of the same concerns. >> reporter: this is lester holt near empire, louisiana. we're in an oyster bed right now. these crews are harvesting
11:52 am
3-year-old oysters. they go ahead and put that scoop back in, dredge up more oysters. right now, they're in a race against time. this particular area remains open, but their concern as the oil comes this way, this area will be closed off to fishing. it's a very lucrative business. each of these bags is worth $25. before the day is over, they'll fill this area. this is one of the fishermen who had a chance to talk to president obama when he came through on sunday and he explained the plight and their fear that this fragile place. >> thank you very much. i want to make a correction. we talked about some of the political debate happening regarding offshore drilling a few minutes agoened i misidentified gene taylor. he is of michigan. the congressman who referred to
11:53 am
the oil spill at chocolate milk. thank you for joining us. i'll see you back here at 2:00 eastern time. new york city has been the we'll talk with gregory meeks to see if more federal funds are from terrorism. in the meantime, contessa picks things up. >> we have big, new details about the suspect at the center of the bombing plot. his money troubles, family life found in the vehicle@ he was driving. plus, is there a link to international terrorism. plus, two star lacrosse playersed1ów at the university virginia in a star crossed romance. one's dead, the other, a mu2ñh+ suspect. what police say happened with two successful students on the verge of a successful adult life. good job, keep going !
11:54 am
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breaking news here on msnbc.
11:57 am
we are following fast-moving developments in the arrest of a suspect in the failed times square bombing attempt. president obama said justice will be done intoñp! 30-year-o faisal shahzad, who was arrested last night as he tried to flee the country. >> the american people can be assured that the fbi has all the tools they need to learn everything we can and that includes what, if any connection, this individual has to terrorist groups. federal court today and has been answering questions for investigators and claims he acted alone in driving his suv packed with crudeediy explosive times square. a source says he was arrested at the last moment at jfk. his plane had already pulled away from the gate. authorities say he knew investigates were on to him.
11:58 am
a source says a nine millimeter pistol was found in the car at the airport. investigators have swarmed to his home in connecticut where a source tells nbc news the search was very, very fruitful in materials. we've also learned his home was in foreclosure. he defaulted on a $200,000 loan he took out in 2004. investigators are scouring that home of the terror suspect and that's where we find nbc's peter alexander. bring us up to date. >> we want to tell you where we are in bridgeport, connecticut. about eight or nine houses down, investigators are inside gathering up new, possible evidence. in the last five minutes or so, we saw about six fbi agents cf=o leave. they're going to take that to a
11:59 am
different site so they can go through what they've found and find what they need to link shahzad to the alleged attempted terror attack in times square. as you described it, the words wear hearing is that it is been quote, very, very fruitful. they say they have produced item from this search that are used to make a bomb. not just a bomb, but the le.>7b. we have had a chance to speak to some of the neighbors in this community. we are hear frg some of them a variety of different descriptions. some say they thought the home was abandoned. strange. he was a husband, a four of two young children. a boy and a girl. she said that he would jog at gh


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